Practitioner Registers

As a register of schools, CTC itself does not hold a practitioner register. However practitioners trained  by CTC schools are eligible to go onto the practitioner register of the General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies (GRCCT)

How to get onto the GRCCT Practitioner Register:

You will need:


1.The title of your qualifications or award (example: IEB Dip)
2.The year in which you qualified
3.The name of the professional organisation that trained you or to which you belong
4.The registration number issued to you by the professional association*
5.For online registration fee payment you will require a valid Credit or Debit Card



Registration Fee £35 for initial therapy plus £5 for each subsequent therapy

Registration page here:

* Registration Number

This is found on your diploma.


​For CTC schools  this number will be 'CTCP' followed by a two digit number that identifies the school, then by a three or four digit number that identifies you, the diploma holder.

For example: CTCP04005

If you can't find the number, please contact us direct: