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CTC Register 2023

These are  schools that teach a two-year crystal therapy diploma that meets the requirements of GRCCT and FHT.

Several also teach other therapy courses and provide short courses and workshops.


Crystals Northumbria - Click Here



 Hoof and Paw also working with Animal and Crystals

Click Here (Essex)


  Institute of Advanced Crystal Healers - Click Here

(South Wales)




  Institute of Crystal and Gem Therapists  - Click Here


(Mid Wales, Devon, Cumbria, Japan,  Middle East)

 International Institute of Holistic Therapies and Vibrational Healing - Click Here

(UK wide)




  Libra College of Holistic Therapies

- new website coming



 Lucis College - Click Here

(Surrey, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire)


  Phoenix College of Crystal Insights

- Click Here



  Samarpan Alchemy - new website coming



School of White Crystal Healing



 Soothing Stones School of Crystal Healing - Click Here

(West Yorkshire)

  Violet Flame School of Crystal Therapy

-Click Here


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