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CTC Register 2023

These are  schools that teach a two-year crystal therapy diploma that meets the requirements of GRCCT and FHT.

Several also teach other therapy courses and provide short courses and workshops.

Cornwall School of Crystal and Energy Healing:

Click Here (Cornwall)




Crystals Northumbria - Click Here



 Hoof and Paw also working with Animal and Crystals

Click Here (Essex)


  Institute of Advanced Crystal Healers - Click Here

(South Wales)


  Institute of Crystal and Gem Therapists  - Click Here


(Mid Wales, Devon, Cumbria, Japan,  Middle East)

 International Institute of Holistic Therapies and Vibrational Healing - Click Here

(UK wide)




  Libra College of Holistic Therapies

- new website coming



 Lucis College - Click Here

(Surrey, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire)


  Phoenix College of Crystal Insights

- Click Here



  Samarpan Alchemy - new website coming



School of White Crystal Healing



 Soothing Stones School of Crystal Healing - Click Here

(West Yorkshire)

  Violet Flame School of Crystal Therapy

-Click Here


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