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Useful Information:

Download PDF on crystals that are toxic and those that are not  Click: Here

Download PDF on Trade Names and Mis-names of Crystals: Click Here


  • To be council and register crystal healing or therapy schools which meet the training, assessment and management standards set by CTC.


  • To maintain an agreed training standard of Crystal Healing /Therapy for diploma holders.


  • To supply and work within an agreed Code of Conduct.


  • To support registered schools through the sharing of expertise and providing verification and moderation for member-schools, where required.


  • To support the provision of continuing professional development for tutors and practitioners.


  • To act as a consultative body.

CTC School Registration Requirements:

Anyone school is welcome to join CTC and simply needs to show that they can meet the following requirements:

(Former schools of ACHO are welcome to join until December 31st 2020 with a bye)

  • To agree to be bound by the CTC Constitution and Code of Conduct

  • To agree to implement and abide by the CTC policy statements

  • To show that the diploma course they offer is a (minimum) two-year course which meets the CTC Training Standards.

  • To show that they have adequate insurance cover

  • To show evidence of qualification as a crystal healer/therapist

  • To show evidence of teaching qualifications (minimum CTLLS or equivalent, PTLLS can be considered) or evidence of teaching crystal healing/therapy for seven years

  • To show evidence of good practice

  • To be willing to join in any standardisation exercise run by CTC

Registration Application Form Click here to download

Guidance on Verification and Moderation of students' work(PDF)

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