Useful Information:

Download PDF on crystals that are toxic and those that are not  Click: Here

Download PDF on Trade Names and Mis-names of Crystals: Click Here

UK Government advice for practicing crystal therapy under Covid 19 lockdown in England (not allowed as crystal therapy has been aligned to spa treatments!


Guidance from FHT for practitioners: Here

Schools running crystal courses are dependent on where the course is being run.

Please check your local lockdown guidance.




  • To be council and register crystal healing or therapy schools which meet the training, assessment and management standards set by CTC.


  • To maintain an agreed training standard of Crystal Healing /Therapy for diploma holders.


  • To supply and work within an agreed Code of Conduct.


  • To support registered schools through the sharing of expertise and providing verification and moderation for member-schools, where required.


  • To support the provision of continuing professional development for tutors and practitioners.


  • To act as a consultative body.

CTC School Registration Requirements:

Anyone school is welcome to join CTC and simply needs to show that they can meet the following requirements:

(Former schools of ACHO are welcome to join until December 31st 2020 with a bye)

  • To agree to be bound by the CTC Constitution and Code of Conduct

  • To agree to implement and abide by the CTC policy statements

  • To show that the diploma course they offer is a (minimum) two-year course which meets the CTC Training Standards.

  • To show that they have adequate insurance cover

  • To show evidence of qualification as a crystal healer/therapist

  • To show evidence of teaching qualifications (minimum CTLLS or equivalent, PTLLS can be considered) or evidence of teaching crystal healing/therapy for seven years

  • To show evidence of good practice

  • To be willing to join in any standardisation exercise run by CTC

Registration Application Form Click here to download

Guidance on Verification and Moderation of students' work(PDF)